Developing lifelong skills

Modern-day toys and technology are reducing children’s opportunities to develop their social and communicative skills. We believe that providing children with a more open-ended and natural environment will help to embed and protect these lifelong skills.

Calming environments

Our nursery environments offer children the opportunities to explore, touch and evoke curiosity in the items around them. Through this approach, children can create their own spaces to learn in, using the variety of open-ended resources available to them.

When you visit any of our nurseries, you will notice the theme of natural and open-ended environments is available for all children, from babies through to pre-school.

Learning through exploration

Rather than providing children with overstimulating colours and plastic toys, we believe in adopting a ‘heuristic’ approach. From a young age, children have the need to feel and explore new objects and discover what they can be used for.

Heuristic-play allows children to learn by playing with real-life, everyday objects. By allowing children to select what they want to play with, they naturally develop their hand-eye coordination and begin to understand the concepts of shape and sizes.

They also discover the different textures that objects have, how heavy they are, and what sound they make if they are dropped onto a table or bumped together. We feel this is very important for children as it helps them to learn all their basic skills from a young age.