Best Companies 2020: We Are Still Extraordinary

We are incredibly proud to announce that, for the second consecutive year, we have been awarded a 3 Star Best Companies Accreditation

All staff from across our nurseries completed the renowned Best Companies ‘b-Heard’ workplace engagement survey in October this year. The b-Heard survey is widely seen as the benchmark for measuring engagement in workplaces across the United Kingdom.

While the detailed results of the survey are yet to be shared with us, we can announce that the staff in our organisation have once again shown extraordinary levels of engagement and maintained their 3 Star Best Companies Accreditation.

“I would like to congratulate Tommies Childcare on your achievement. Best Companies have been producing the accreditation standard since 2006 to acknowledge excellence in the workplace. Organisations like Tommies Childcare have continued to focus on their employees and have been rewarded with an engaged workforce who tell us that this is a best company to work for.” – Jonathan Austin, CEO & Founder of Best Companies


The Best Companies accreditation programme is the standard for workplace engagement, and there are four accreditations which can be awarded to organisations.

3 Star

A 3 Star accreditation is the highest standard of workplace engagement, representing organisations that truly excel. The 3 Star accreditation reflects ‘extraordinary’ levels of workplace engagement.



2 Star

A 2 Star accreditation is the second-highest standard of workplace engagement and represents organisations striving for the top. The 2 Star accreditation reflects an ‘outstanding’ commitment to workplace engagement.



1 Star

A 1 Star accreditations from Best Companies is a significant achievement that shows an organisation is taking workplace engagement seriously. The 1 Star accreditation signifies ‘very good’ levels of workplace engagement.



Ones to Watch

Ones to Watch is a special status awarded to organisations where workplace engagement shows promising signs for the future. The Ones to Watch status reflects organisations with ‘good’ levels of workplace engagement.



‘Making the World a Better Workplace’

People like our staff at Tommies Childcare spend a lot of time in the world of work, so it’s vital that their time spent here is engaging, enjoyable, and rewarding. Our 3 Star accreditation is testament to the commitment we have made to making Tommies Childcare a great place to work.

When Tommies were informed of their maintained accreditation, Danielle Butler (Operations Director), said:

“We are immensely proud and excited to have maintained our 3 Star Best Companies Accreditation for 2020. The 3 Star accreditation represents a level of engagement that many organisations strive for. For the second year in a row, we have demonstrated that we understand the importance of workplace engagement and genuinely value our employees.”

Not only is this accreditation fantastic news for the staff at Tommies Childcare, it is positive news for our parents and children as well.

An engaged workforce is more motivated and productive because people take pride in what they are doing and have faith in those around them. This means that, for the children at Tommies Childcare nurseries, they are cared for by someone who feels connected to the values of the company. They believe in the organisation’s commitment to giving children the best possible start to their pre-school education.

The Sunday Times Best Companies Lists

Organisations which receive a 3 Star Best Companies Accreditation will be considered for The Sunday Times Best Companies lists, depending on their survey score.

The Sunday Times Lists for 2020 are still being compiled, and Tommies Childcare will discover if they have made the list on 11th December 2019.

Find out more about Best Companies

To find out more about Best Companies and the b-Heard Survey, click here.

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