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Why work for Tommies?

You’ll be in great company! We only invest in staff who understand this is more than just a job and are excited to help shape the next generation.

Our nurseries have great resources, and you’ll get excellent training and support to help you succeed and enjoy your role. Our staff provide personal attention in a nurturing environment that’s helped us to build a bedrock of trust with parents and the wider community.

An extraordinary place to work, with extraordinary benefits

It’s reassuring to know that you when you work hard (and it is tough and rewarding in early years) that you’re treated well, both personally and financially.

We offer an excellent benefits package to help make the life/work balance easier. Employees at Tommies Childcare receive discounted childcare (and for family and friends), up to eight wellbeing hours per year, extensive maternity pay, and plenty of training and development opportunities. There are lots more benefits, all fully explained in our fantastic benefits package.

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Staff Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our staff had to say…

“I love working for Tommies. It’s such a welcoming company to join and you can see they truly care about their staff.

“I have been working in the childcare sector for over ten years and since joining Tommies 3 years ago I have gained so much more confidence and I am now a Room Leader, which is something I never thought I would achieve.

“They encourage their staff to develop in their career and to be the best they can be. They offer an amazing benefits package, which not many companies do nowadays.

“I always wanted to work with children, and I know I have definitely found the right place here at Tommies Childcare.”

“I’ve only worked for Tommies Childcare for 5 months since completing my Level 3 Apprenticeship elsewhere, but I can honestly say that I feel so at ease here.

“The staff are so welcoming and willing to help and answer any questions that I had. The children seem so happy in our care that it’s obvious that they want to come to nursery.

“Equally, I wake up happy knowing that I get to look after children and work for an amazing company. The company looks after and values you as an individual, and I love that.

“I’ve never been happier working for Tommies. It’s given me a whole new lease of life towards childcare. I constantly want to do better and work to achieve my goals.

“You should work for Tommies because they help their staff to reach their highest potential. They value you and help you to make a difference every day.”

“I have worked for Tommies Childcare for almost 2 months, and all the staff are truly looked after and cared for here. I have worked in other nurseries before, but the main thing I love about Tommies is that everyone is so welcoming and friendly.

“I feel that all my work is highly appreciated by the management team. Feedback is always helpful and encourages staff to push themselves and reach their potential.

“The benefits package is very good, when you consider everything we receive.

“I have worked in a range of different nurseries in my childcare career, but Tommies has really helped me to develop.

“Tommies is definitely the place to work for, or even to send your children to.”

“Since I started working for Tommies Childcare in March 2019, one thing has become apparent: how well they treat their employees who are willing to put in the hard work and gain a lot.

“As an unqualified practitioner coming into this role was not easy, especially after being out of work on maternity leave for a long time. However, everybody who I have worked with so far, from fellow practitioners, to management teams, and Head Office, have been nothing but helpful and inspired me in my role.

“I would recommend Tommies to anybody looking to work within the childcare sector.”

“Tommies has helped me grow in so many ways. They have believed in and supported me to get where I am today.

“I’ve gained so much confidence and I learn new things every day. I always feel challenged and have great job satisfaction.”

“I love working with the great staff team here, who all work together to make it such an enjoyable place to be.

“Tommies holds an annual awards ceremony to celebrate all the achievements that the staff and nurseries have made over each year.

“Tommies Childcare inspires you to give an outstanding and enchanted experience to children.”

“I’ve recently joined Tommies Childcare and already I feel like I belong here.

“The team I work with are so welcoming and encouraging. The well-being of staff is at the forefront here, and the team at Head Office work to ensure that all staff are cared for and looked after.

“I could not ask for a better team to work with.”

“I had never worked in childcare until I joined Tommies and it was the best choice I made. The support that they give you is much appreciated by everyone here.

“Tommies is like a big family. They take the time to get to know you as an individual as well as a team. The opportunities and career progression that is widely available and encouraged within the company is brilliant, and you are supported throughout.”

“Tommies Childcare has made positive changes over the last few years and have also taken into account the views and opinions of the staff. They are a company that really puts the staff at the heart of everything they do.

“All staff are given opportunities to attend various courses/conferences and awards ceremonies, which not only celebrate people working in this sector, but provide all staff with continuous professional development and receive the recognition they deserve.”

“Since joining Tommies in April 2019, I have learnt so much and I am constantly being pushed to develop my skillset.

“I feel motivated by others and the other nurseries in the group. I love how close we all are as a company. Everyone is so helpful and are always there for one another. It is so refreshing to work for a childcare provider where the ethos and belief is that children should be allowed to ‘play’, rather than a heavy focus on activities that children just aren’t interested in.

“Other people would not look back once they join Tommies. Our staff are at the core of what the company believes in.”

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NEW NURSERY: Shirley Green Day Nursery, Solihull - Opening in 2024
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