Changes to Medication Policy

We would like to advise parents of our nurseries of some changes to our Medication Policy. These changes have been made to support both parents and children accessing our nurseries, and will come into effect from Monday 1st April, 2019.

Section 2: Over the Counter Medication (Prescribed)

Following a review of Osted Guidelines in relation to the administration of medication within early years settings, we will now be accepting ‘Over the Counter’ medication at our nurseries.

We appreciate that there may be occasions where children need medication that has not been issued on a prescription by a GP/dentist; however, there have to be strict guidelines as to how we administer this at nursery.

The other changes to Section 2 are as follows:

  • When we use the term ‘prescribe’, we are referring to medicine that has been recommended by a pharmacist. Any ‘Over the Counter’ medication should be administered following the advice from a pharmacist.
  • Parents will be required to confirm on the Medication Consent Form that advice has been sought by a pharmacist before medication can be administered.
  • These types of medication must be in their original containers/packaging and general expiration dates must also be taken into consideration.
  • With non-prescribed medication, the Nursery Manager does have the right to refuse the administration of any medication, if it is felt that this is not needed or necessary.

Section 6: Nappy Creams, Teething Gels and Crystals

Consent will be gained upon registration for the administration of nappy creams, teething gels and crystals. Other changes to Section 6 include:

  • Parents will be asked to declare which brand of nappy cream, teething gel and crystal they are using on the registration form; however, in the event that a different brand is requested, staff will administer this according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If parents wish to change brands due to allergic reactions or preference, it will be the parent’s responsibility to update the nursery of these changes.
  • These types of medication can be administered by staff members.

Calpol and other Pain Relief Medication

Under the revised changes, we will now be accepting pain relief medication such as Calpol. However, as outlined above, this will be at the discretion of the Nursery Manager. Therefore, if we believe a child does not need pain relief, then it will not be administered.

Our current policy in relation to one emergency dose of Calpol being administered for a high temperature will remain in place. We must advise that Calpol or other Paracetamol-based medications will not be administered to control a high temperature.

Should parents/carers have any questions regarding the changes to the Medication Policy, they should contact their Nursery Manager.

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