Emergency Childcare with Daycare SOS

Emergency Childcare with Daycare SOS



Tommies Childcare is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Daycare SOS.

Daycare SOS is a service that will allow parents at Tommies Childcare nurseries to work for them when they are away or on holiday. It will also allow parents in need of emergency childcare to access one of our nurseries at short notice.

How Daycare SOS Works for Tommies Childcare Parents

If your child is absent, whether that be due to illness, being on holiday or for any other reason, you can make your nursery space available for parents in need of emergency childcare to access. If another parent books that session, you’ll receive 40% of the cost of your session back*.

Tommies Childcare parents can also use Daycare SOS to book extra sessions for their child and pay for them upfront by card.

The service works through Daycare SOS’s website, which we believe will make it quicker and simpler for you to notify us if your child is going to be absent or to book extra sessions. We will send parents a special link to follow so that they can register for Daycare SOS.

Our Absence Policy isn’t changing, and we’ll still contact you if you don’t notify us that your child is away like we would normally. But, rather than phoning or emailing us, you can simply notify us via the Daycare SOS website.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee that another parent will book the sessions you make available.

How Daycare SOS Works for External Parents

It’s not often, but sometimes you might need to find alternative childcare if your usual childcare provider is unable to care for your child for whatever reason.

When this happens, you can sign up for Daycare SOS (if you aren’t already) and quickly find one of our Ofsted registered nurseries with last-minute availability.

You can book last-minute sessions online through the Daycare SOS website for a small premium on top of what our nursery usually costs for that day.

When you book, you’ll be required to answer some questions about your child so that we know a little more about them and can support any care needs they may have. When you’ve completed your booking, you’ll be given a reference number and some instructions for attending your chosen nursery. Simply show up and quote your unique reference number to a member of staff, and that’s it!

Which Tommies Childcare nurseries are using Daycare SOS?

Daycare SOS will be available to use on a trial basis at Field House Day Nursery in Kenilworth from 1st September 2022. We hope to then make Daycare SOS available at all of our remaining nurseries in Birmingham, Coventry, Derby, and Nuneaton soon.

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