Baby Room (6 weeks to 18 months)

The baby room offers a warm and relaxed environment, which acts like a second home that provides a place for activity, rest, eating and sleeping. The range of resources available for the babies includes lots of sensory and tactile experiences, including its own sensory area. Babies are encouraged to be physically active, supported by their key person.

Our staff work closely with parents to ensure there is a smooth transition from home comforts to the nursery, and also ensure that individual needs and routines are met. All babies will have their own daily diary, which provides parents with information and photographs on activities, foods and sleep for that day. We understand that leaving your baby can be difficult, and that you’ll be keen to know what they’re doing.

Toddler Room (18 months to 3 years)

The toddler room offers a wide variety of stimulating activities for children to develop, explore and learn. Our environments are rich with a variety of resources and are visually stimulating.

Whilst there is a strong emphasis on sensory play, children are also introduced to new concepts to expand their learning and develop inquisitive minds.

Pre-school Room (3 years to 5 years)

In our pre-school area we provide a balanced provision of adult-supported and individual play experiences within rich and stimulating environments. We ensure these environments include complexity and challenges, with the aim of encouraging children’s initiative and the development of skills.

Our staff support the children’s development and consolidation of these skills and concepts by giving them the time and opportunities to make sense of their world. This helps the children to grow in confidence and for them to believe in themselves as powerful learners.

The room is organised into a learning area, where children are able to access a range of low level equipment and resources, they also have access to a computer and other ICT equipment to prepare them for school.