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Day Nursery & Pre-school Provision in Coventry

At Four Brooks, we look after children between the ages of six weeks to five years. Each room in our nursery has been designed to tailor to each age group.

Baby Room
(6 weeks to 12 months)

The primary focus of our Baby Room is to create a warm, cosy and relaxed atmosphere. One of the most important aims of our Baby Room is to offer a smooth transition from home to nursery life. Our Baby Room here at Four Brooks provides children with everything they need during these earliest of years. With our crawl-in sand tray, miniature wooden slide, sensory area and much more, there is a whole host of activities available to ignite the senses.

First Steps Room
(12 months to 2 years)

We have a First Steps Room to support children who are transitioning from the Baby Room into the next stage of their development. Babies grow very rapidly in the first year, so there is a big difference between a baby who is one month old and twelve months old. Our First Steps Room allows children to tap into their senses and embrace a world of discovery. Children in our First Steps Room can pull up a cushion at our heuristic play table, where they can get hands on with a range of natural materials.

Toddler Room
(2 to 3 years)

Toddlers love to imitate the things they see their parents doing, which is why we have a dedicated role-play area here in our Toddler Room. This gives the toddlers plenty of opportunity to brush up their culinary skills, become experts in housekeeping, or transform into charismatic dinner hosts!

It’s not just about role-play here in the Toddler Room, though. At this age in your child’s life, it’s important that they are given access to a wide range of activities that will give them the opportunity to learn how to interact with other children and begin to develop skills such as sharing and being kind to others.

Pre-school Room
(3 years to 5 years)

From creative constructions to wide-ranging interests, there’s always something unique and exciting happening our Pre-school Room. The Pre-school Room is the last step in your child’s early years education. As children approach primary school age, our staff will help to prepare them for school and ensure they are ready for their next big step. Many of the other activities that take place in the Pre-school Room are based on what your child has shown a keen interest in.

The Garden

All children need time to stretch those little legs. Our garden gives all the children at Four Brooks the chance to do this regularly. The great outdoors provides children with unique learning opportunities that just can’t be replicated indoors, that’s why we are committed to letting children roam around our garden every day- come rain or shine. Whether children feel the need to burn off some energy by running around or riding a trike, go on a hunt for insects, or explore whatever may take their fancy, there is always an adventure to be had in our garden at Four Brooks.

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NEW NURSERY: Shirley Green Day Nursery, Solihull - Opening in 2024
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