Baby Room (6 weeks to 18 months)
Within the baby room we aim to follow similar routines that you’ve put into place at home for sleep and meal times, to provide continuity of care. For example, all children have their own bedding that is laundered on site for their comfort. Our baby room also includes a messy area for young children aged 6 weeks to 18 months.

Toddler Room & Pre-school Room (18 months and 5 years)
The toddler and pre-school aged children are based in a spacious room where they can have access to a wide range of resources and equipment that enable the children to participate fully in a play rich environment to develop their learning and development. They will have structured routines, which can be adapted to meet the child’s individual needs.

We have a large garden area where the children have an opportunity to explore, investigate and participate in a wide range of play experiences. The children have their own growing area in the garden where they grow a variety of flowers and vegetables.