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Food, Glorious Food

Mealtimes can be a magical affair as you watch them hungrily devour new tastes and textures. You’ll also know that it can be a minefield or Mexican standoff that requires infinite patience.

We help children develop their social skills and tastes with healthy and nutritious meals that we hope will spark a lifetime love affair with tasty, healthy food. When possible, we encourage children to serve food for themselves from food trays which helps them to develop their independence and helps them practice making choices and developing autonomy.

Yes, Chef!

Our nursery meals are prepared and served by our own dedicated on-site cook. They’ve been created in line with Government guidelines on children’s nutrition and portion control.


Feel free to peruse our latest menu and some helpful information about what goes into each meal:

Food In, Energy Out

Children receive breakfast, lunch with dessert, and an afternoon tea, as well as a healthy morning and afternoon snack. It’s carefully timed and organised to prepare them for a busy day of play, socialising and learning.

Not Every Diet Is the Same

We understand that children may have food intolerances and/or specific dietary requirements. Because we have a dedicated and knowledgeable cook, we’re able to offer suitable alternatives to meet your child’s individual needs.

If your child drinks formula or breast milk, then we kindly ask that you bring in their milk in a clearly labelled container with your child’s name on it. Our staff will then prepare the milk in a bottle for them. Please note, we are unable to store breast milk for more than 24 hours.

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The best way to find out more about Thornhill Day Nursery is to see it for yourself. A video consultation will allow you to speak with the nursery manager via a Zoom call where you can learn all there is to know about what our nursery offers. Following your video consultation, if you’d like to see the nursery in person before deciding to register with us, please let us know during your call so that this can be arranged.

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