Key Person

Offering your child reassurance and security

What is a Key Person?

At Tommies we adopt a Key Person approach, so your child develops a strong relationship with a practitioner during their time at nursery.

They’ll form a strong bond with your child, providing them with reassurance and security, and helping them to make the transition from home to nursery life as smooth as possible.

As well as caring for your child, they’ll help your child to become more confident, join in with activities, and enjoy their everyday learning experiences.

Understanding your child

Your child’s Key Person will invest time in getting to know your child so they understand what makes them tick and what their interests are – as well as share information with you about their daily experiences.

They will also encourage your child to socialise with other children and staff members at the nursery.

Throughout each day, your child’s key person will record observations and log them in your child’s learning journey. This allows them to plan activities which are tailored to your child’s unique needs and interests. To find out more about your child’s key person, please get in touch with us.

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NEW NURSERY: Shirley Green Day Nursery, Solihull - Opening in 2024
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