Keeping you informed of your child’s progress

As a parent leaving your child at nursery, you’ll want to be kept up-to-date with that they’ve been up to during each day. All our nurseries use a system called iConnect. iConnect is an app which our staff use to record children’s learning and observations through an iPad.

Many nurseries still record this information on paper learning journals, which can be time-consuming to update and aren’t always accessible to parents. However, with iConnect, the information that staff record can be easily accessed by parents wherever they are through a sister-app called ParentZone.

You can download ParentZone on your smartphone or tablet, helping to bring you closer to your child’s time at nursery.

What is ParentZone?

With ParentZone, you’ll be able to see a timeline of your child’s day at nursery, with photos, videos and notes on their daily activities. You can receive what is called ‘A Day in the Life Report’ which contains information that our nursery practitioners publish about your child for events such as nappy changes, meals, sleeps, learning observations and much more.

ParentZone also allows you to contribute any special moments you capture at home as well. You can upload pictures and videos you’ve taken of your child and show our nursery practitioners what they get up to outside of nursery. This helps us to learn more about your child’s interests and what they enjoy doing.

To find out more about ParentZone, download a copy of our Parent’s Guide here. You can log in to ParentZone here, alternatively you can download the app using the links below: