Parent partnerships

Working together to give your child the very best start

Shaping your child’s development together

At Tommies Childcare, we believe that you as the parent and carer are the first educator of your child. When your child joins us, we then have a key role in shaping their development during their time at nursery.

By working together, sharing information, and developing a good relationship, we can give you the confidence that your child is getting the best possible care and early years education.

Settling-in sessions

As part of our Tommies Guarantee we offer unlimited settling in sessions. These provide parents and carers with a way to ensure a smooth transition from into nursery life. You know your child is in safe hands and they understand that you’re coming back for them later on.

We find these sessions are usually way harder for the parents than the children, so don’t worry if you find it hard to ‘let go’. It’s completely normal and just shows you care.

You will then come to a second settling-in session where you can leave your child to see how they find being separated from you. This session will also be around two hours.

Your child can have as many settling-in sessions as is necessary to help them see that we have plenty of activities for them to do and that they’ll have a lot of fun.

Sharing valuable feedback

All nursery staff are available each day to provide feedback to parents and carers about their child’s progress.

We also encourage parents and carers to share information about their child’s progress at home. This is useful when your child is learning to talk and if there’s a word or phrase they use that may not be easily understood!

By sharing this information, we can pool together the knowledge, expertise, love, and care to provide your children with the very best start in their learning life. We all want your child to have a wonderful experience at nursery and to enjoy their time with us.

Staying in touch

Our nurseries will regularly host ‘Parent Forums’ where both the nursery staff and parents can come together to share thoughts and ideas on how to make improvements to the nursery, care, and education.

You can keep in touch with the events and activities at your child’s nursery through their own social media pages:


Field House


Four Brooks


The Old School


Westhill Corner

Tommies Childcare

Tommies Childcare

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