Food Advice: Healthy Packed Lunch Guide for Children

Did you know?

Almost 1/3 of 2 to 15-year olds in England are estimated to be overweight or obese [results from NHS survey in 2016].

Childhood obesity statistics in England show few signs of declining, despite efforts from Local Authorities and Government strategies.

Whilst the introduction of the traffic light system on food packaging has helped to make parents aware of what food and drink is unhealthy, many parents are still unsure about what a healthy packed lunch looks like.

This is certainly the case for parents with children under 5 years of age.

Providing Healthy & Enjoyable Meals

At Tommies Childcare nurseries, we provide children with breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks each day.

Whilst the food we provide is healthy, balanced and varied, we understand that some parents prefer to provide their child with a packed lunch and snacks from home.

The question that these parents often ask us though, is:

“How can I make sure what my child eats is both healthy and enjoyable?”


One of the best ways to offer children a healthy diet is to provide balance.

Children need a balanced diet during their early years to help them grow and develop. Providing a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, fruits and vegetables and dairy throughout the week will help you to achieve this.


During their early years, children’s tastes buds are still developing and are very sensitive.

As they are at an age where they don’t have any preconceptions about what they like and don’t like, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to experiment. This also allows you to introduce variety into your child’s diet.

Ideas for Creating a Healthy Packed Lunch


For more helpful advice, feel free to speak with your Nursery Manager, who will be able to give you some more tips on keeping your child’s food healthy.

You can also find more information at Change 4 Life.