What are iPad’s used for at Nursery?


If you have a child at one of our nurseries, you’ll have probably noticed our staff using iPad’s from time to time.

You may already know why our staff are using iPad’s, but just in case you didn’t we have put together this blog to explain why we have iPad’s at our nurseries and we we use them for.

What are the iPad’s used for in the Nursery?

One of the reasons our staff have iPad’s is so that they can quickly record observations and experiences that your child has during a day at nursery. These observations are all saved in an online app we use called iConnect.

Staff also use iPad’s to save photos and videos of the children during their activities. These images and videos can then be shared with you on the ParentZone app and your nursery’s Facebook page (with parental permission), helping you to stay up to date with what your child has been up to.

Learning Journals: Digital vs. Paper

iPad’s have enabled our nurseries to move away from handwritten, paper learning journals and instead use an online app called iConnect. One of the main benefits of this is that staff are able to spend less time on paperwork and more time with your child.

It takes a long time to hand-write observations, print photos and then stick everything into a paper learning journal. With iConnect, our nursery practitioners are able to create and save observations in a fraction of the time and cut down on paper usage.

Capturing Special Moments

Children often reach special milestones when they’re at nursery. When nursery practitioners have their iPad’s to hand they’re able to quickly capture moments like a child’s first steps and save them as images and videos. These milestones will usually be easily missed otherwise.

This doesn’t mean that our staff are permanently glued to their devices throughout the day though. It does allow; however, the ability for staff to be able to record these special moments and then type up written observations about them at a later time.

iConnect and ParentZone

Any observations, assessments and daily activities that our staff record in iConnect can be easily accessed by parents via ParentZone. ParentZone is an app which feeds directly from iConnect, allowing parents to see exactly what their child has been up to at nursery.

ParentZone also allows you to contribute your own images and videos from home, which gives our staff an opportunity to see the things that they enjoy away from nursery life.

Photo Books from ParentZone

We know that sometimes parents like to have something tangible to remember their child’s nursery days by. With ParentZone, you can order photo books containing photos and memories from your child’s time at nursery. Here’s how easy it is to order a photo book:

Extended Learning Opportunities

Because staff have access to the internet via their iPad’s, they are able to research new and exciting learning opportunities for the children to take part in. What this means is that staff are able to research new ways of following up on and extend learning opportunities for children who have particularly enjoyed certain activities.

Staff can also look at things like Pinterest boards based on early years learning and become inspired by new ideas.


You might be wondering about security, internet access and protecting your child’s data.

Our iPad’s are all password protected and are constantly tracked. If any iPad’s were to go missing, we are able to remotely lock them to stop anyone from getting into them and pinching any sensitive data.

We use secure routers across all of our nurseries and have strict parental controls enabled so that no inappropriate content can be accessed.

As for the data stored within iConnect and ParentZone, this is protected by a 256 bit TLS certificate. That may not mean much to you, but typically your internet banking applications use 128 bit, so ParentZone is twice as secure. Data is hosted on very secured UK-based, highly resilient servers. The data centres are certified to international ISO27001 standards, meaning they are tested against a very strict security standard.


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