Plug Socket Covers to be Removed from Nurseries

(Updated April 2019)

Removal of Plug Socket Covers from Day Nurseries

Back in December 2017, Tommies Childcare made the decision to dispose of all electrical plug socket covers from our day nurseries and pre-schools.

Parents may be aware that the issue of plug socket covers has been regularly discussed over the years, and has made national news again in recent weeks.

We have taken the decision to remove plug socket covers from our nurseries as we believe they can make plugs more dangerous, and expose children to a potentially fatal accident.

Plug socket covers can be dangerous

All plug sockets in the UK must pass rigorous testing and meet safety standards before they can be installed in a property. There is also no legal or Ofsted requirement for nursery providers to use plug socket covers, which do not need to undergo any testing or meet any required standards for them to be used.

It is extremely unlikely that a child would be able to place their fingers inside the bottom two holes of a plug socket as they are closed off by shutters which hide the live wiring. These shutters can only be opened when the top pin on a plug has been placed into the top hole.

A video which has been created by a qualified electrician demonstrates how plug socket covers can in fact be dangerous.

Our commitment to children’s safety

We’d like to reassure our parents that we take adequate steps to ensure children’s safety around plug sockets through routine checks. The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) state that it should be clear if an electrical socket is unsafe by checking for frayed wires on the plug, scorch marks or any other damage. We also PAT test all electrical appliances in our nurseries annually.

If parents have any queries or concerns regarding our decision to remove plug socket covers, they should contact us on (016) 7654 0244 or at

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