Welcome to Field House Day Nursery & Pre-school

Field House Day Nursery & Pre-school is a full-time day nursery located on Fishponds Road, Kenilworth.

Field House Day Nursery is a lovely, small and homely nursery that offers care to children aged between 6 weeks and 5 years. We pride ourselves on offering good quality childcare and education, and understand that the children are at the centre of everything that we do. We ensure that we meet all individual needs and support children’s interests as they grow and develop.

The day nursery has a warm environment that encourages children to explore and discover. All of this is complimented by our knowledgeable staff who take the time to get to know the children and families, ensuring that their time at Field House Day Nursery is filled with fun.

Selecting a day nursery can be daunting but we aim to make this as easy as possible through our free induction sessions that can work around your family to ensure your child is settled and ready for nursery life. We believe that working with parents/carers will give children the best possible start in their early education.

Parent partnerships is something we believe is key to a successful nursery experience. We build on these partnerships from your visit with us, and this continues as we get to know you and your child.

Although having a good relationship with children is highly important, we recognise that parents are the children’s first carer and educator. This is why we always work alongside what you do at home.

We offer a variety of ways for parents to become involved in the nursery, this includes parents evenings where you can discuss with your child’s key person what is being done to support your child’s development. Parents forums allow parents to discuss what has been happening in the nursery and provide an opportunity for parents to share any ideas to enhance our offering. Stay & play sessions allow parents to join in with different aspects of a nursery day, for example, taking part in activities, special breakfasts and more.

Learn more about Field House Day Nursery and early years care & education by arranging a visit today.

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Tel: (01926) 857 280
Email: info@tommieschildcare.co.uk


Achieved: Good, 2015

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“Children are confident, secure and settle quickly because of the close relationships they build with their key persons. Staff consistently praise children and value what they say. Children demonstrate an excellent understanding of the setting’s ‘golden values’. They behave in a positive manner and play very well together.” Ofsted Report, 2015/16.