Welcome to Flutterbies Day Nursery & Pre-school

At Flutterbies Day Nursery & Pre-school, we believe that children receive the full benefit of nursery life when they are provided with opportunities to explore in a calming environment that provokes learning. There’s a strong emphasis on delivering high quality childcare and education to enable all children to reach their full potential.

Our nursery has been specifically designed using pastel tones and complimented with natural resources, as we believe this environment best helps children to learn and be creative.

We follow the concepts of heuristic and natural play, which means that our resources are ‘open-ended’. The youngest children in our care play with toys made from natural materials, such as wooden blocks, trains, conical figures, balls, and more.

These resources encourage children to use their imagination and learn through exploration and experimentation. A wooden block may appear quite mundane to an adult, but to a child this could have endless possibilities and can boost the imagination.

Our indoor and outdoor spaces are age appropriate, and all activities are planned by practitioners to ensure that each child learns something new every day. All children in our care are offered a rich and varied curriculum that is adapted to their age and stage of development.

We believe that every child is unique and learns in different ways and paces. Children learn the most when they are engaged in the activity they are doing, which is why we plan activities based on each individual child’s interests and needs.

We would love the opportunity to show you around our nursery, so please feel free to book a visit at any time.

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Tel: (024) 7663 8700
Email: info@tommieschildcare.co.uk


Achieved: Good, 2017

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“Staff use what they know about children to challenge them effectively in their learning. Children make good progress. Staff observe and assess children’s progress and planning for future learning is based on a good knowledge of each child’s stage of development.” Ofsted, 2017/18